My book tour seems to be off to a good start. Getting Screwed: Sex Workers and the Law sold out on Amazon three days after its official release Oct. 6 and only today has the online retailer finally caught up with the demand. On Oct. 12, about 50 people showed up at Harvard Bookstore in Cambridge, MA to hear me and another author talk about our respective books (the common theme being violence against women and what we need to do to change entrenched cultural attitudes about women’s sexuality. As I argued, decriminalizing sex work would help decrease violence against all women and greatly improve sex workers’ health and safety). The following evening, I spoke to an equally enthusiastic crowd of friends and former colleagues at Newtonville Books in my old hometown.

On Monday, I seem to have packed the house again at Bluestockings, a feminist bookstore on the Lower East Side. Julie Moya, a sex worker and former madam whom I profile in my book, joined me for a lively evening with lots of great questions from the audience.

In two weeks, I’m off to Washington, D.C. and Baltimore for back-to-back book talks at Kramer Books and Red Emma’s. For more on these media events, please click here. In the meantime, I’d love to extend my heartfelt thanks to all the friends and well-wishers who have come to my book talks thus far and are buying the book either there or online. Muchas gracias!

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